Friday, June 18, 2004


I downloaded a bunch of books from kazaa.

First I read The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy. I'd previously read his My Dark Years which was awesome. It told about his becoming an alcoholic, and then discovering speed and being freaked out on that for years. Then he started writing more, and eventually became obsessed with finding the murderer of his mother. So he tracked down the detective who had investigated the case years before and went back over all the clues.

The Black Dahlia was pretty good.

Then I started reading the Chronicles of Narnia again. I thought I'd try to new order this time - nephew, lion, horse, caspian, voyage, silver, last. Apparently Lewis supported changing the order.

I always used to love voyage most, but this time around I didn't like it that much. It's just a bunch of seperate chapters. Some are cool, but it's not that great.

And my long time worst one was a horse and his boy, but this time around I really liked it. The plot is totally ridiculous, even for a children's book.

I always remembered not liking nephew that much either, but this time it was great. Lewis excels at descriptions of nature. The idea of a god that really loves beauty and creation and making wonderfully complex things for us to discover is so appealing.

I often wish there really was a Jesus. If it all wasn't a bunch of bullshit, it'd be cool as hell. If there really was a god and his awesome son watching and caring about us, validating morality, giving us tough but beatable challenges, I'd totally go for it. Unfortunately, there isn't. The kids get to see Aslan and his awesomeness, but Jesus in this world is just a bunch of crap people trick themselves into thinking they're feeling.

Now I'm rereading the first of the Amber books by Zelazny. That's really good too.

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