A Real Reality Show I'd Like to Watch

I'd like to see the way people act, in a real, isolated, natural but tough environment, away from all technology.

Visitor Selection

Certified random selection for use verifying reality show truthfulness - anyone interested needs to show up on a certain day, and there's be a verified, truthfully random selection process. There may be some pre-screening, but it can't reduce the random applicant pool to less than 10% of total applicants. It just screens out people with medical problems, criminal past, etc. There'd be no carefully selected representatives of minority groups - it's really random.

There are be 20 or so people altogether, and nobody would get kicked out once the thing started. They have to stay for a year, and if they make it to the end, they get 100k. If they leave early they get 30k or so. They can leave at any time, by walking out (a process which would take some time - the first few hours of it would be on cam & it would be revokable anytime up to the threshold.)


A place with nature, not too hot or cold - an island, or a mesa, etc.


There are be hundreds of cameras and mics around everywhere. The feeds are running 24/7, and are all be available online.

The Environment

The contestants are able to survive, barely, without doing any work, but the food's bad, and it's cold etc. Food is airdropped in, along with a few supplies. But basically, they're on their own. They need to make their own shelter, clothes, etc.

What would they do?

I really want to know what a bunch of random people would do all day. How nice would they make their houses? What'd they spend the long days working on?


What would they talk to each other about? tell stories, sing songs, make up games? They would reinvent the lifestyle humans had for thousands of years, and have only recently forgotten.

It'd also be interesting seeing the dynamics and relationships between people.

What would happen if there was someone who didn't speak very good english? what if they had skills that nobody else had?


What about law & order? Would they come up with a justice system?

The Show

Since the entire raw footage is available online, any fan could make their own version of the show, focusing on the people they were interested in. Someone might make one just about the evening campfire - and you could watch 5 minutes of it for every day they were there, and see the progression, people's moods, funny comments. See the relationships. Or someone might focus on how they build things, the survivalist version - what tools they made, plants they found, how they hunted etc. A third version might just be about romance, significant looks between people, etc.

There could be a conventional, official version too, which'd be general, and would lead people into liking certain characters & show them what was available.


I think this show would be way, way more interesting than contrived reality shows. We'd learn about humanity and real human nature.


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11/4/2018 4:35:18 PM
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