A system for symbolic house numbers.

This is an alternative suggestion for a symbolic system of house numbering. Instead of putting the numbers directly, animals would be used to replace each digit, according

to the chart below:

0. mystical (hippogriff, pegasus, unicorn)

1. lion

2. monkey

3. elephant / bear

4. cat

5. dog

6. fish / frog / plant

7. bird

8. bull / horse / zebra

9. crab / ant / other

It would sort of be like a secret code - a set of stone statues, garden gnomes, patterns, hedges etc. could all have additional meaning. Companies could commission statues of their representative animals in unique materials & positions. There would be an interesting market for these particular types of statues, as well as unique extensions / alternate digits. For a number like 123, you could have a lion & a monkey statue, next to an elephant statue - or you could break it up the other way.


Injecting more symbolism into daily life.



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