KGS Gambler

http://kgsgambler.fuseki.net is a site I made for automated scoring of "bets" made during kgs games by kibitzers.

Right now it doesn't have any KGS interaction - all it does is evaluate games & annotate them with shapes.

The Big Idea

You could watch games on kgs, and make kibitzes - and these would be considered "bets" on the outcome of the game, like who would win, or what the differential would be.

After the game you could go to the site and see how you did, and how other people you know did, in various aspects.

The site could also have other interesting things gleaned from your personal game history.

Scores could be calculated for everyone who kibitzes, whether or not they had a KGS account

KGS authentication

You could link accounts between kgsgambler and kgs in the following way: if you make a kgsgambler account, it could ask you what your kgs username is.

Then, it would give you a secret code and say "in your next game, please say the secret code within the first 10 moves". This would show that that account was yours. Each gambler account could have multiple associated kgs accounts to it.

Things you could gamble on

w win / b win

Any comment like this (and there could be many variations) would count as a prediction. The points awarded would be proportional to many things - how early in the game the prediction was made, how different it was from other people's predictions, etc. Obviously if a high dan says W will win, and then immediately other people copy the comment, their copies should not be given points (otherwise it would pollute kibitz)

w + X

for winning margins. During endgame this is interesting.

next move

People often make next move predictions - it would be awesome to have an automated way to see those & get points for it! The ideal situation is when someone high level is watching a lower level game - every prediction or recommendation they make is valuable for everyone lower level. So, they should have some incentive to do it.

Checking Games

the backend score checker would run on any game it was assigned to score - so any kgs gambler player who had made predictions would just have to submit the game to the queue to be downloaded and checked. This could be a simple form on the site - you would just put the name of the players involved and it would be able to take a guess what game you meant if it was a game that was just played (as it usually would be).

Other Social Gaming Aspects

Since we have access to the full game record there are lots of things we could do with that info - social stats, nice graphs associated with an account, as well as gamification & awards.

Shape Based Stuff

For one's own game, it would be great to deliver personalized shape graphs - what shapes the person knows, which common ones they've never played, and how their usage differs from others.

A personalized guess at rank would be interesting too - based on shapes.

Crazystone evaluators

What if you could have it download your games, and then have crazystone evaluate your moves?

If it was a good version (4d) of crazystone, it would be valuable for almost everyone. Would this be legal, though? What is the legal status of games (or evaluations of moves) provided by Crazystone?

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