After a bit of rest, I rode around Kochi and visited some familiar spots.

Another nice little park.



Someone planted a bunch of more unusual plants in this park, and there were little labels hidden in the mulch.

Canal running through town.

Kochi castle's moat

Japan is a nation of machinery. This is a fake street, painted onto a field of asphault. The grid pattern of (fake) bricks visible on the right is one of the worse Japanese style choices.

"Mukade" is a poisonous long centipede, native to Kochi. One bite is painful, ten can be lethal. I wonder what this corporation produces? Their logo is menacing. The eaves, with the two little windows, looks nice - custom inner diagonal line, nice wood embedded in the roof. I also like the mini-door.

The legs of the mukade resemble Japanese characters. Are there opposing faces embedded in the eyes of the mukade?

Ah, Kochi why did I ever leave you?

This is a genuine political poster. None of them really mention issues - they're hitting the lowest possible way to get votes, as a popularity contest. But that's the same thing they have in the US - just a red or blue poster with the list of names. Why do we continue to believe in democracy, when there are obvious signs of defective practice of it, everywhere?

CASTLE must be a love hotel.

Silent Kochi

Japanese TV is great. The slogan at the end of a show "brought to you by ~" hasn't changed at all in 10 years. This is "Die Hard"

A show about horseshow crabs.

I wonder why it was necessary to build this little room directly over the in-ground underpass.

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