Taking a ride along the Kagami river, south of Kochi city. When I lived here, I rarely came to this area - but it's actually really beautiful

Someone's planted flowers.

Lush weeds.

The seven immortals, protecting Kochi from river demons.

Poofy plants.

Went down to the river, thinking I was passing through the garden of eden.

When right in front of me, a snake slid across the path. Kochi must have been a brutally hard place to live for the first people who came here. Horrible weather, mosquitos, snakes, hurricanes, tsunamis. It's man vs nature.

Rocky outcrop - natural? probably not.

Skipping rocks.

Traveller with sign.

Riverside garden.

What animals & plants can survive at different pollution ppm levels?

Life springs eternal.

Hairaren! Right after passing this I saw a guy coming towards me on the narrow path. I slowed down to let him pass, when I recognized he was one of the guys from the go club the previous day! He was down there voluntarily picking up garbage. We chatted a bit, and he was really concerned that the park and river was dirty. To me, it was paradise - and I tried to explain how in China there's nothing like this. But I'm afraid I could not convey this idea to him. He reminded me of the way I felt leaving Kochi, ten years before - that it was going down hill, and was not beautiful. I can see now that I was just wrong. Will I look back on China in the future, and think I was wrong to think it bad? If I move to an even worse place, I suppose it's possible.


Sawtooth bank & silver-green weed.

The weeds in this little ditch probably think nothing exists outside the walls.

Life seeking for a place in the cosmos.

wildflowers and butterfly.

cobwebby flowers


Three low pullup bars. Japan really looks like an anime.

A giant hook.

Local temple festival.

Pass through four times, looping the right way, for good luck.

Young musician, playing the Beatles, doing Dylan impressions. He played "we will rock you" as his encore.


Father and daughter.

Blurred toy.

Ball of light.

History poster. So much suffering as political organisms writhe around, crushing people. Hard to believe but it was real, the millions, billions of people who saw their lives destroyed, families gone, life's work gone, they were all real. So the real priority of human existence is preventing anything like that from happening again.

Are the riverside bushes growing in some kind of pattern?

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