Covering Free Polyominos

free polyomino - an arrangement of N cells, unique under rotation, translation, and flips (A000105).
path coverable - this means the polyomino can be covered by a path; the polyomino can be completely covered by a self-avoiding walk (A252653).
coil coverable - the polyomino can be covered by a path which obeys mortal coil rules - it is a complete self-avoiding walk, but has the additional restraint of only being able to turn once it can no longer move in the same direction.
Polyominos of 1 cell111
Polyominos of 2 cells111
Polyominos of 3 cells222
Polyominos of 4 cells544
Polyominos of 5 cells1288
Polyominos of 6 cells351817
Polyominos of 7 cells1084644
Polyominos of 8 cells369115102
Polyominos of 9 cells1285300261
Polyominos of 10 cells4655781635
Polyominos of 11 cells1707320971632
Polyominos of 12 cells6360055414045

page by Ernest French.