A sound recording device I want

I want a device which would continuously record the last 5 minutes of sound. Things older than 5 minutes would be deleted, and the thing can could be left on all the time.

There would be a button: when you pushed it, it would save the last 5 minutes, plus continue to record until you pushed it again.

This way, if something interesting were to happen, you would not have to rush to begin recording - you would just have to lazily push the button, and you would be able to capture the entire beginning of the thing, too.

This feature could be called "lazy recording"

It would be useful for video, too. Just record all the time, and let it auto-delete if nothing interesting happened. Without this feature, the only alternative is to record everything, but that is just too much of a pain to edit.

Screen Recording

I'd like to have this on the computer, too. Then when I find myself in a situation, I would be able to document it from the beginning and figure out how I got there.