An Evil Test of Clickthrough Licenses

The new patent troll

A company should make a useful downloadable shareware product. They should put it onto many popular file-sharing sites, and even put it in public onto bittorrent sites.

The clickthrough license

Would be really long, in small font, and have provisions like "All your assets will be forfeit to this company if you agree". Clicking agree would automatically send them a copy of the information, plus your name and email address. This would go on for a while until it was noticed and taken down, and then the company would start suing people for everything they've got.


I don't see why not; these type of contracts already have all sorts of other claims in them. Where is the dividing line between what is allowed to go into one of them, and what isn't? Has any of it ever been tested, or are even today's common provisions not actually valid?