Genetic Alliances

Would consist of binding trades of genetic material between two potential allies. Their future offspring would then be a blend of both parents.

The benefits of twinning

Twins already have a huge advantage, in it being rational for them to be really altruistic. That's something that non-twins can't share. If there were a way to trade genetic material as an adult, as a promise to include some part of them in future generations, you'd have it.

Blood Brothers

The belonging ritual of becoming blood brothers is a primitive form of this.

Encrypted genome

What if you encrypted DNA and then had some protein which was the decryption key, in some kind of public key genetic cryptography? It could be a way to secure these genetic investments.


What if the mafia kidnapped a cop and implanted cloned testicles with the mob boss's genes into him, so that his children wouldn't actually be his own? That'd be the ultimate form of retribution. But then what if the cop found out, and ended up holding his own kids hostages? The wife's conflict would be epic.


There's an old science fiction story about a mad scientist who creates a virus which infects women and makes them pregnant with his genome. It gets out of control, and over the next few years, hundreds of millions of his clones are born in every country in the world.


Later I found out this is actually called the "green beard" phenomenon.