Merchant Princes series (6 books) by Charles Stross

I liked it, definitely didn't love it, and I'm not sure why

After 2 books I went to the wikipedia page, intending to read the plot summaries for the next 4 books and save myself a lot of time.

But, nobody had written them up yet, so I read the next four.

The concept is interesting, and I like the author, and a lot of cool stuff happens. But towards the end there is just so much political fighting.

Thinking back, there really were a lot of cool ideas, and a lot of interesting things were explored.

I felt it was just a lot of running around, and a lot of descriptions of how bad life was in primitive surroundings. I learned a lot about the various clothes our heroine had to wear, and how uncomfortable they were.

I think it was attepting to be more political and say something about organizational structures - which it did, I guess. The bits in the US secret service were pretty believable, with the black ops and things.


I liked it an lot, and it was addictive, but it didn't go as deep as the usual Stross novel.