Reamde by Neal Stephenson

Loved it

Overall, I loved it. The first night I stayed up til 5 am reading, got about 400 pages in. It has a lot of cool ideas, and cool stuff, and when you find out that they're not just going to disappear, but will be expanded on, it's just really great.

The very very start is a little dry, a little melodramatic. You're just waiting to find out more about the dark side of our hero.

The start has lots of interesting ideas about artificial worlds. Once the action starts, it's great.

It has great stuff about guns, mafia, ideas.


Once they go to china I was even more excited. It was a really good portrayal - the author has obviously been there. The description of how stuff is there was exactly right. The character of the Chinese girl in the story was realistic, too.

The Rest

The end of it is a really long running battle - it was good and all but it was really just a lot of action.