World Records

World records are getting harder and harder to break. I think at some point there needs to be a scale introduced to records. Breaking world records will become harder and harder, or more and more obscure. So to reintroduce meaning to it, we should have something like "100 year records"

Team Sports Records

Team sports at least have seasons limiting the number of opportunities for breaking records. But there are still problems - baseball has been played for over 140 years now, and nobody really pays attention to extremely old records from the 1880s. We kind of unofficially ignore records set before 1900. I think in the long term we are going to need to quantify what records mean - we already have season and team records, as a way of allowing things to be distinguished from within a smaller sample. Really, it's sort of like the electoral college - a way to divide a gigantic sample into smaller chunks which can be won independently. This allows the creation of more local "winners". If not for that, almost every performance would be a failure compared to the universal record system.

Individual Sports

This is just silly - what is the long term plan for maintaining the meaningfullness of records? Right now doping is going crazy, and the future holds lots of way more powerful technology. First, "gene doping" where they just do a gene transplant of better muscle genes into someone - these could be already existing genes from a person with a particularly good one of the many subsystems needed to be a good runner. Since these would be "real" genes, it would have even been possible for the person to have those genes naturally. Good runners already have an extremely lucky set of genes for every relevant characteristic, anyway. Once they start modifying genes, it will be even better - and it could be really hard to show that the genes are actually man-made - because there are millions of natural variants anyway.