A False Sense of Being able to Separate Truth from Fiction

Even when sources of information are known to be biased and untruthful, people still insist that they can separate out the truth from the lies.

I don't believe this is possible. The people controlling what is provided to you are smart enough to set it up to make you fall for it.

There is lots of research that people are extremely bad at ignoring influences.

There are studies where the researcher will show a cake to the subject, and then will roll some dice, and then ask the subject "is the weight of the cake more or less than the number on the dice?" Then, they ask them to estimate the true weight. People's guesses are way closer to the random number on the dice than they should be (way closer than in control groups where no dice were rolled)

So when you hear a news report from a known deceptive source, and try to figure out what the truth is, what makes you think you are not going to be anchored to what the report said? It's already been shown that people are not able to resist even known false, irrelevant information. So why do you think you will be able to resist it better? Especially when it's designed directly for you?

Chinese university students

When I talk to Chinese university students, they usually claim to be able to figure out the truth from news reports they know are not exactly true. I don't believe they can actually do it - but making them think they can outsmart the news is part of the plan.