Is there poker card order bias?

In holdem, I wonder if the order of the 3 cards of the flop has any effect on play.

For example if the flop is 4-5-3, the 3-straight is not as obvious as when the flop is 3-4-5.

People never want to admit that they could be influenced by this, but I think that people are not as rational as they would like to appear to be. It is definitely true that one recognizes the straight potential of 3-4-5 a lot faster than other orders - that instant recognition probably has an emotional effect - the question is, does that emotional effect stay around and still have an influence on further play?

How to check

Just download a couple million hands, filter out ones where the flop had the relevant initial conditions, and then compare the action.

Other Possible Effects

AAB flop vs ABA for paired flops.

In Omaha, card order in the hand might make a difference.