Analysis of online "Took Ya Long Enough" type comments

"Took ya long enough"

If you have been negotiating or pressuring someone to do something, and they give in, and then you criticize them, you are shrinking the influence you have, since you're lessening the "profit your adversary can make by complying to your wishes"

Relative Analysis

So the canonical solution to this is, no matter how bad someone has been in the past, if they then take the "most positive for you" attitude, you need to reward them. This is why cops don't (shouldn't) beat criminals who turn themselves in, no matter how bad the crime was. That's why cops are nice to criminals who flip sides. Imagine if cops just laughed at someone who tried to confess and implicate other bad criminals: "took ya long enough".

Horrible metagame too

Being known for punishing compliance is awful as well.

So why do we see this so often?

When a company implements a long-delayed feature, we still see lots of people saying "took you long enough". Why do we see such an ineffective strategy?

I think it's because:

TLDR: companies have reasons not to openly express their care to customers, customers feel powerless and have impotent rage.