Fire Men

For thousands of years of evolutionary history, some guys knew how to make fire and other guys didn't.

I bet the ones who knew how to make fire were pretty popular. Today you can see the remnants of it in our psychology - guys love playing with/making fires, and women love firemen.

There's something somewhat similar related to transportation - isn't it weird just how many guys there are who get totally obsessed with transportation? Cars, Trains, Planes, Bicycles, Skateboards, Motorcycles - they all have huge subcultures fascinated by them. I think this is because before transportation was widely available, there were rare individuals who were interested in it, who were rewarded disproportionately. i.e. there was a village which was just getting by, with lots of starvation, and nobody really traveled around much. There would occasionally be a kid born who got interested in transportation, and who found a way to get out, with enough supplies to support himself. Since people rarely traveled, there easily could have been a great little empty valley just near by which nobody had ever found - or gold just lying on the ground, or any other resource which he knew how to use more efficiently than whoever was there already. So, liking transportation occasionally lets you get an awesome result in life. Over thousands of years, this drive to move, occasionally receiving massive rewards, spread throughout more and more of the population.