China Books

Year Title Author Read Year Result
1987 Life and Death in Shanghai Nien Cheng 2011 Gripping
2017 The Cultural Revolution Frank Dikotter 2021 Great
2013 The Tragedy of Liberation Frank Dikotter 2021 Great
2010 Mao's Great Famine Frank Dikotter
2008 Tombstone Yang Jisheng
2020 The World Turned Upside Down Yang Jisheng
2021 America Second Isaac Stone Fish
2011 On China Henry Kissinger 2021 Much better than expected
2001 River Town Peter Hessler 2008 Good
2011 Country Driving Peter Hessler 2011 Great
2000 Thunder from the East Nicholas Kristof 2004 Optimistic
1931 The Good Earth Pearl S Buck 2005 Existential
1999 God's Chinese Son Jonathan Spence 2007 Lacking detail
1999 Waiting Ha Jin 2011 Meh
2011 The private life of Chairman Mao Tai Hung-chao 2011 Good but not clear how much is anti-Mao propaganda
2010 The Party Richard McGregor 2021 Amazing, I would read ten more case study books like this.