Rates of Change

The relationship between the hardwired aspects of the human mind and our culture & institutions have not always been constant. In slow time, technology would make a tiny advance every thousand years, and people had time to adjust.

But recently, the mental "technology" of influence & control of people's minds, and of organizations has improved greatly - we now have cults, psychology, and more benignly, people have properly studied the mind at various stages of life.

And to go along with this stronger environment, people have been trying to come up with ways to live well, and resist things they don't want or need.

But, there is no expectation that these two processes will proceed at the same rate! One could get way ahead of the other. People's native assumption that there will be a balance often makes them unwilling to accept the fact that at a point in time there can be massive imbalances. Evolution is happening all around us, and there are lifestyles, elements of culture, and physical objects in the environment which aren't adaptive and are under strong selection or adaptation right now.