Chinese Copyshops

They're awesome.

Obsessive Clicking

The first thing you notice is that whenever anyone uses a computer, before, during and after every action, they will repetitively right-click the desktop and choose "refresh". They will usually do this 2 or 4 times between every action.

If someone plugs in a USB drive, they will continuously refresh the desktop until the drive shows up, and then a couple times more for good measure.

I don't know why this is but it's happened everywhere I've been. Is there some kind of guidebook to copy shop guys telling them how to do it?

What you get

It's cheap, but you have to walk them through everything. A nice color print on A3 (big) is like 2 kuai (30 cents US)

Printing Books

I printed a 600 page book (converted from mobi -> a 160 page pdf), and they bound it nicely for me, for 41 kuai (5$ US)