DIY Sport Olympics

There should be an olympics, like the super-pentathalon.


There are about 10 participants in each "event"

Each Participant will choose one "game" or "activity".

The participants will then all compete in this activity, and their scores ranked. First place will get 10 points, 2nd place 9 pts etc.

So everyone plays one game they invented, and nine games they are trying for the first time.

The games

Can be anything - board games, puzzles, or weird physical challenges. Or else, just normal physical challenges.

The Rules

The games need to have a scoring mechanism which doesn't have ties. It'd be great if they were designed in a way not to make the person the winner by default. (i.e. they couldn't be like, the winner is the person whose height is closest to my height) - they have to be real competitions. Hmm, perhaps award the game creator to get zero points for finishing first? require him to finish second or later?

The Timing

There are a few ways this could be done - the participants may have almost no warning - just go into the field and hear about the game then try it. Or, they could be isolated, and hear the rules description for all 10 first, and then have some time to prepare.

Games which had lots of strategy would be interesting, because it'd select for creative, smarter people.

Second Level

Second Level playing would be:

Calculate the results.

This game would require really smart, but also really able people, and a lot of study of the history of sports.