The Distance Olympics

There should be Olympics of other difficult tasks. National teams, plus individual stateless people.

All events take place in the exact center of a perfectly circular white room, or else on an infinite, perfectly flat plane with no weather. Or else on a standardized flat plane without landmarks. For point positioning events, participant can position all the markers.


Draw two dots exactly one foot apart. Score is how close they came to exactly correct. Divisions: 1 foot, 1 meter, 10 feet.


Draw a straight line exactly 1 meter long. Time limits: 3 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes.


Drop a marker, then walk to place another marker exactly one mile away. Time limits: 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 25 minutes. Variants: Challenging terrain.


Trample exactly 1 square meter of grass.


Place three dots in a perfect equilateral triangle, with side length 100m.

Draw a perfect circle

In chalk. Scoring is done with a camera which inscribes the largest possible circle in what is drawn. Testing would be needed to determine the best scoring algorithm. After a circle is drawn, another circle would be inscribed

of the drawn circle, and then we would look at either:

Guess the weight of things:

You are allowed to touch & pick them up.

Choose the heavier of two objects

Whose weight might be very similar indeed.