Jigsaw Puzzle Olympics

Level 1: Competitive jigsaw puzzle solving. Individual or team.

Level 2: Groups of random people are assembled. Two competitors will select people from the teams. So player A will select representatives from the random selection, as will player B. The methods of selecting people vary:

Level 3: personal interview Devising a test which will be administered; the highest scoring players will be your team. If you had only one question to ask someone to determine if they would represent you in a puzzle-solving competition, what would your question be? (No questions about puzzles). How about if you had 5 questions?

Level 4: Design a school curriculum that will be put into place for a period of 50 years. At the end of the period, random (or the top) students from your school will be chosen to represent you in a puzzle solving competition. How would you design the curriculum?

Level 5: A virgin planet has been discovered, with rich plant life but no animals. Design an animal weighing less than 1g; 10,000 of them will be dropped off around the planet. We will return in 1 billion years and submit jigsaw puzzles to the surviving inhabitants. Whoever's society solves them the fastest will be the winner.