Playing Card Power Cycling

When cards started out, they were ordered in strength from 1 to King. There was no "ace", it was just a "1". That's why it's symbolized by just the one suit marker.

But then for "irony" people started using the 1 as an Ace, and considering it to be even more powerful. That power switch is interesting - my kingdom for a horse. It doesn't actually make much sense that the ace would be the strongest - according to the pattern, the more pips a card has the more powerful it has, until it becomes nobility.

It continues....

In china most games use the 2 as the highest card. It's usually a super-trump that in a single card beats anything. Using a two for this feels weirdly powerful - it's like a mega-weapon which works in a different way than a conventional Queen, King, or even Ace.

The 3!

There are even some games in China which use a 3 as the highest card!

Obviously the progression has gotten farther.

In the future

It will probably just keep going, and we'll keep pushing back which cards feel "stronger" until we've cycled through the entire deck.

Opposite decks?

But I don't know of any games that reverse the order of the cards completely, and use the K as the weakest card.


It's sort of similar to how in Japanese class/ranking systems there is sometimes an "S" difficulty level coming after C, B, and A.