Duplicate Poker

Duplicate bridge is common and popular: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplicate_bridge where lots of tables have the same hands.

But what about duplicate poker? You could do it head's up, or on a large table.


In TV format, hands would be shown sequentially - Phil hellmuth vs durrr, and the next episode would be the exact same hands in the same order, but two other players. It would show how each person played the same hand. I think it would be amazing.

Years ago I watched Japanese coverage of their star players in the MLB. Every night they'd show the complete series of at-bats for Ichiro. You'd see him sizing up the pitcher in the first inning, immediately followed by his at-bat in the 3rd or 4th, then late in the game, etc. It gave a much better sense of how he was dealing with the situation, and the progression of his night than the traditional viewpoint. Duplicate poker is somewhat different, but it would still give a totally unique view of how different players deal with the same situations.

Obviously the shows would have to be filmed at the same time, to prevent collusion.

Over the course of 100 hands, things might change a lot - going one way one a 50/50 early on might completely change the tenor of the match - so later on when AA arrives, people may have totally different reputations, and therefore play differently. So different choices won't necessarily always be attributable to playing styles - a lot may be situational. But, that would be instructive too.

Training Sites

Pros might not go for this but I think it'd be great for a poker training site - get one that has 10 heads up experts and divide them into 5 pairs and have each pair go through the same 1000 hands.