VS 2019 Useful Keyboard shortcuts

One annoying then when looking up VS keyboard shortcuts is that they are always described in terms of the default keyboard combination you would use to invoke the action; this doesn't apply for people who've changed it. It makes more sense to list the "action name" - i.e. the thing you search for in the configure shortcut screen.

Command Name Shortcuts Notes
Tools.CustomizeKeyboard ctl+shift+k the most important shortcut so you can add shortcuts for everything else easily.
Window.NextTab, Window.PreviousTab Ctl+tab, ctl+shift+tab Fix tab navigation - visual left-right rather than magic.
GoToDefinition F12 Useful VS
GoToAll Ctl+G Metasearch
UndoClose Ctl+Shift+T requires VS2019 powertools
File.Close Ctl+W Why do they make this so hard by default?
Reformat Ctl+Shift+E Requires resharper. Useful to set this to happen automatically on every save.
View.NavigateForward/Backward Alt+left, right This sets up reasonable keyboard navigation
View.NextError Ctl+1 To cycle through syntax errors

One additional complaint

I'd guess only 1% of users actually understand the "context" / "extent" idea - where some shortcuts are global, others are only in certain editor windows. Also, the behavior when you override a shortcut is not specified.

What's missing

I've played with editors which have an option to "display invoked command" in the status bar. So when you are trying to debug a keyboard shortcut which you suspect may be being intercepted by another one, you can see in the status bar how your keyboard interaction was interpreted: "you did ctl+shift+t which led to me doing X" where X is not what you want. This would make it a lot easier to debug this kind of thing.

Another thing that's missing is a filter view on the dropdown which would show only the ones which have anything assigned to them - 90% of the list below is listing of commands which have nothing set up.