A restaurant which prepares the perfect dish for you

There should be a restaurant which

  1. When you make a reservation, you also submit some DNA. They analyze it to figure out what your taste system is like - are you a supertaster, exactly what tastes you favor. Plus, they look at gene activation to see what particular things are going on with you lately. (i.e. the same way that there isn't a genetic difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly; it's just down to gene expression)

  2. When you walk in the door, they take a blood test. They analyze what type of nutrients you have floating around your bloodstream, what you are low/high in. They also use it to figure out what you might be craving.

  3. Then they create a meal which fits perfectly with their estimation of both what you need, and what would taste the best to you.

  4. alternatively they would give you a drug which would create a lot of the enzymes you have when extremely hungry or thirsty - so that the food would taste even better.

  5. alternatively, before you come in, after analyzing your DNA they send you a gene modification kit which will change your response to particular foods. So when you taste their food, it will be like discovering a new color - you will have a new sensitivity to a type of taste which has never existed before.