Weird Poker Variants

Say It

At one time in the hand your opponent can ask you what you are holding. You have to answer with two cards. i.e. you have to say suit and rank for two cards. It doesn't have to be true. The point of this is to find out who is good at lying. (There'd have to be a way to stop people from just practicing and always saying exactly the same thing. i.e. there'd have to be a way to force people to say something new and unpracticed about their hand.) I think this one would select for people who are good readers / liars.

It can be played with any variant.

Two vs One

One guy plays two hands, and the other guy plays only one hand. It alternates. This would be pretty hard. You'd have to set up the blinds right to keep it interesting. There could be some really interesting hands here. Two speculative hands would be bad, but one made and one speculative hand would be awesome. There would be a lot more extreme situations on the flop or preflop.

Extra Card

As holdem, but during a hand, players can pay extra money to take an extra card into their hand. It should be really expensive - maybe 10bb. It can be done only once per hand.

Making a hand can't be done using more than 2 cards from your hand. (But unlike Omaha, you can still use just one or zero cards from your hand)

Card Showing

as holdem: For a set cost you can require your opponent to reveal one of his hole cards. (Of his choosing). Cost: 20bb

For a higher cost, you can choose the one that is revealed. Cost: 10bb

Hand Strength Re-ranking

Any variant: every round, players also bet on how to re-order the hand strengths.

Card size betting

This is a variant of limit holdem. The bet size in bbs is the value of the last card on the flop. So if the flop is AK2 then the bet size for that round is 2bb. If it is AKT then 10bb. Face cards ==> 5bb.

Pokerslug has some interesting variants:

  1. Cash game - you play 10+ tables of heads-up simultaneously, and after every hand, the money resets to 100bb (or whatever). The extra money goes into your "bank" which is not on any table. If you lose money, it is restored with money from your bank.
  2. Multitable Sng - agree to play X hands with someone, in the above format (refilling tables). Whoever is ahead at the end wins. You have to be very careful not to go beyond the "blind radius" where you lose even if the other guy just autofolds.

EV Poker

is like "run it 5x" but infinite - reduces variance a lot.

Duplicate Poker

is like duplicate bridge.