Infinite Deck Poker Hand Rankings

With infinite decks it makes sense to add new hands. This type of poker requires a computer to play (or can be simulated, badly, by just mixing a couple hundred decks together)

There are more possibilities for pair-based hands, so those should be devalued a little. Traditional poker hand valuations are in straight order of rarity, plus card value in case of ties.

In this variant, flushes are now easier to make, so they are weaker than straights.

There are also a lot more sub-variants of pair hands.

It's also possible for people to have exactly the same hand as eachother.


5 identical cards.

Five of a Kind

The worst five of a kind has one internal twin. More twins/triplets/quadruplets increase in value. The best of them is the above quintuplets.

Full House Flush

A triplet and a twin of the same suit.

As As As Ks Ks.

Straight Flush

As normal.

Brady Bunch

A triplet and a twin, not same suit.

As As As Kc Kc


4 exact same card.

As As As As

Four of a Kind

No internal pairs

As Ac Ad Ah

Better than this would be

As As Ad Ah (1 internal twin), and increasing value as there are more internal identical cards.

Full House

As Ac Ah Kh Kd. Better would be internal twins.




High card wins. Internal pairs don't matter.


Ax Ax Ax

Weird Three of a Kind

Ax Ax Ay - with one internal twin.

Three of a Kind

Ax Ay Az - all different suits.

Doublemint Twins

Two twins

As As Jc Jc x

Unhappy Family

Two pairs, with one identical

As As Kc Kd

Two Pair

A A K K x


Two identical Cards

As As


Ax Ay

High Card