Group Activities

Wechat has a feature where you can induct people into groups without their consent (up to 40 people). Then groups can grow up to 100. After 100 I believe wechat has some additional identity requirements for further members.

Beijing Pics, No Chat

This group has about 100 people and the only thing allowed is pictures from beijing. Anybody chatting is warned/removed.


Numbers in Sequence

Pictures of numbers, in order starting with 1. We made it to 51 (and still going).


Letters in Sequence

An idea for a new group - same as numbers in sequence but:


Text screenshots

Group Philosophy

I'm trying to avoid "legalism" - that is, pressure to clearly define rules and limits. I think for small groups, it's a lot more fun when people don't try to push it. It's better that they use their own conscience to decide what is good. Same thing for deciding what kind of content belongs in a group.


Reality is anarchy. No matter what someone says, you can actually do what you like. But, people with power can do what they like too. I think it's helpful to remember that no matter what the rules, you can always do what you like; but you're bumping into someone else's precommitment to punish you.